Become a Team Rep

Our team representative program is built to provide support, build brand awareness, and spread positivity throughout the community.

Representative Perks:

  • Opportunity to earn free gear and commissions
  • Access to personal discount codes for life
  • Insider access to our sales and new product launches
  • Unique follower code for promotion via Social Media
  • Features onto our Instagram page (@behappyrecs)

Representative Responsibilities:

  • Spread positivity and support. For our brand, and for others’ goals
  • Wear our brand with pride
  • Become a part of our team. Be active in our media and support fellow team members
  • Share your promotion code, and enjoy the benefits!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Team Reps do?

Our Team Reps spread happiness to everyone they meet including friends, family, students, studios or followers on social media/online! They rock Be happy Athletica gear before & after class, from studio to street and embody the athleisure lifestyle in everyway. In addition, our ambassadors provide us with creative content so that we can promote them while they promote us!

What do ambassadors receive?

If accepted, you’ll receive exclusive discounts and product previews, as well as pieces from our newest collections. You’ll also be eligible to collaborate with us on giveaways, online content (i.e. our blog), challenges and be featured on our social media!

What do we look for?

We are looking for women and men who are currently growing their fitness and/or fashion communities – either in real world or online. We especially love to see applications from people who are passionate about their active lifestyle, post regularly and have engaged followers.

You do not need to be a certified instructor but if you are, please let us know what activity you are teaching and the studio that you are currently teaching at. We love to meet teachers who are making an impact at the studio level!

How do I apply to be an ambassador?

Simply fill out the form linked below in full. Please allow up to 3-7 business days for us to review your application. If accepted, our Marketing Manager will contact you via email with more details!


The team Representative program offers a way to connect with our brand on a deeper level. Promote a brand with strong values, and give your community an opportunity to discover some of the positive & inspiring athleisure products available on the market. We feature many amazing styles, prints and colors that are perfect for any audience, and new lines are released every few months.